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"The Love Of God Is Greater Far" was recorded live at Northside Church in Atlanta, Ga.



Watch all the videos from the live recording of "The Saints' & Angels' Song" from Matt Jackson and Northside Church in Atlanta, Ga.

AMAZING MYSTERY // Charles Wesley/ Matt Jackson Glory be to God on High God whose glory fills the sky Peace on earth Through Christ set free Christ our hope Christ our King Sovereign Father heavenly son We sing to You, the risen one Glad

But For That Love Awaking Us // Words by Jane Crewdson / Matt Jackson There's no sorrow, Lord, to light To bring in prayer to thee There's no anxious care too slight To wake thy sympathy Your voice I need, to carry me Your

You're God // words by Matt Jackson I'm letting go of everything I'm holding on to all of You In Your truth I'm satisfied And learning how to live For Your words hold the joy of man In Your lungs the breathe of life

God is Present // Oliver Holden/Matt Jackson/ Nathan O'Neal They who seek the throne of grace Find that throne in every place When we live a life of prayer God is present everywhere In our sickness or our health In our want or in our wealth If we live a life